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Go to the website and click on sign up and fill out the form. After completing the form you will receive an email for verification. After entering the code you will be successfully registered.

You can deposit funds through Perfect Money(PM), Bitcoin(BTC), USDT (ERC20), USDT (TRC20), Ethereum (ETH), Binance (BNB)

The company is offering tickets ranging from $10 to $100, details of which you can see on the lottery pages.

You must be registered on the website to purchase tickets. After logging in with your account you can go to the lottery page to purchase.

There are no restrictions on you. You can buy as many tickets as you want

After logging in to your account, the My Tickets page will be displayed, on which you can see the number and draw date of all the tickets purchased

Yes you can participate in any lottery again after your ticket is refunded it will be up to you

Yes, you can buy different lotteries at the same time because each lottery draw time is different which will be the lottery start you can buy tickets at anyone

All tickets purchased in your account are then refunded as soon as the winner of the lottery you have participated in is announced.

When the winner is announced, the system will automatically notify the ticket owner via email that a prize has been awarded to your ticket number.

As soon as your prize is released, the prize money will be immediately transferred to the same account from which you purchased the ticket.

The money you have won will be transferred to your account. You will have the option to withdraw using any withdrawal method of the company.

There is no limit to the number of members you can refer to from your link

If anyone joins your referral link, you will be notified by email that someone has joined your referral link and used a username, even after you have logged in. You can see the details on the referral page

If someone joins with your referral link, you will be notified by email how much commission you received at which level and from which user.

You can withdraw your referral earnings as they are transferred to your account using the methods provided by the company.

Yes, you can easily transfer and receive money from your account to another member.

You can withdraw funds through Perfect Money(PM), Bitcoin(BTC), USDT (ERC20), USDT (TRC20), Ethereum (ETH), Binance (BNB)

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